Revenue and Disaster Management

e-Governance in Land Revenue

Following the 3-T principles of Hon’ble Chief Ministers, i.e, Teamwork, Technology, Transparency, the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Government of Odisha has taken various steps for use of technology and IT interventions. The use of technology enables the seamless flow of data across are relevant offices and the public can access their own records.

To ensure the above 3 principles, the following e-governance initiatives have been taken up by the Govt. of Odisha and is implemented in our District level.

  1. e-Mutation (Land Record Management System)
    The Project e-mutation or LRMS is an online mutation system. It is a transaction-based workflow  System for correction of RoR. All 6 Tahasils in Subarnapur District have been connected with 2 Mbps connectivity for this purpose. Online mutation process has been implemented in all tahasils of Subarnapur District . Transparency and Zero pendency in Tahasils activity can be achieved by this project.
  2. DWIST(Dynamic Web Information System of Tahasils)
    The DWIST is a System to provide the Tahasil related information to the public. The Public can access any basic information of the Tahasil. In Subarnapur District, all the 6 Tahasils have their own website. The Tahasildars are Providing their authenticated information using their credentials. Presently, DWIST is having the information like the location of the Tahasil, tourist places of that Tahasil, contact details of the Tahasildars, major achievements of the Tahasil, RTI. Last but not least, the cause lists of the Tahsildars, Addl. Tahasildars and Revenue Inspectors are also available in the DWIST.